The Intelligence Behind Oil & Gas

James Faroppa
James Faroppa, CEO

C&C Reservoirs


“C&C Reservoirs’ advanced search tools uniquely allow organizations to identify and learn from all the world’s most important fields.”

Formed in the mid-1990s to collect, standardize and synthesize data on the world’s most important fields and reservoirs, C&C Reservoirs’ knew using analog knowledge would improve the success of finding and developing hydrocarbons globally.  C&C Reservoirs’ products reduce the time it takes to find, analyze and derive insight from analogous oil and gas fields.  Learning from prior industry investments is key to any successful E&P company.  Today, C&C Reservoirs’ are the leading provider of reservoir analog knowledge used for benchmarking studies and in deriving detailed insight across the E&P lifecycle.

Most geoscientists and reservoir engineers tend to have detailed knowledge of a relatively small number of oil and gas fields. Thus when evaluating prospects or new discoveries, formulating development plans, creating or assessing reservoir management strategies or valuing assets, it is natural to draw on one’s own experiences. As a result, these risks biasing decision-making. Many of the world’s most successful oil and gas companies are aware of these risks and use C&C Reservoirs knowledge base and analytics tools to assess analogous reservoirs as part of their E&P processes.  In so doing, C&C Reservoirs fills the knowledge gap and expands the experience of geoscientists and reservoir engineers.

C&C Reservoirs’ knowledge base started by covering the world’s most significant carbonate and clastic oil and gas fields. This now includes every known reservoir type in every known petroliferous basin.  This has been amassed since the mid-1990s by some of the world’s leading geoscientists and reservoir engineers.  They started by publishing individual field reports, to help organizations understand the provenance and history of specific fields, and to learn from them.  Today C&C Reservoirs’ have embraced the latest machine learning algorithms and provide powerful data analytics tools to allow unrivalled analysis of analogous fields.

C&C Reservoirs provides field evaluation reports, a digital knowledge base, search tools and a suite of powerful data analytics tools, all underpinned by a pioneering classification system. All of these are delivered through their cloud-based subscription service, DAKS (Digital Analogs Knowledge System). Capturing knowledge and classifying sub-surface parameters or variables such as trap type, depositional environment and reservoir management practices requires a rigorous classification system. C&C Reservoirs has developed a comprehensive hierarchy of classification and definition for 250 geological and 150 engineering parameters since the mid-1990s.

Their reports provide clear, in-depth analysis and understanding of the world’s most important fields to help you gain quick insights. Starting with exploration history, each report details how and why the prospect was drilled, the basin genesis and petroleum system. They also describe the structure and characteristics of the reservoir and define the trap, source and fluid properties. Finally, they cover the resources, reservoir management practices, and recovery strategies employed as well as production outcomes. All reservoir data is classified, and for each reservoir, C&C Reservoirs’ hold structured text, numeric data and images. Each value has been classified consistently by exhaustive research and quality controlled by some of the world’s most experienced geoscientists and reservoir engineers. The application of C&C Reservoirs’ rigorous classification system to the gathering, referencing and synthesizing data into field evaluation reports ensures each data point is captured into an immense knowledge base. This allows C&C Reservoirs’ to turn big data into unique big knowledge to help organizations find or recover more oil and gas anywhere in the world. Finding the most applicable analogs is essential to translating knowledge into critical insight and intelligence for E&P decision-making. C&C Reservoirs’ advanced search tools uniquely allow organizations to identify and learn from all the world’s most important fields.