Complete Integrated Solution

Russ Baxley
Russ Baxley, President

Watermark Solutions


“Watermark Solutions is committed to helping customers quickly reach top performance and peak productivity.”

In today’s environment, Oil & Gas Equipment Manufacturers and Service Companies face increasing complexity, risk, volatility and must become faster and more agile in order to survive and evolve. The need for a fully integrated, single enterprise solution that manages all their business and operational requirements—one that is both easy to use and maintain.

Watermark Solutions has been providing enterprise software and service solutions for the Oil & Gas industry for over 20 years.  By combining their expertise and feature-rich applications, Watermark Solutions is able to address everything from selling, to manufacturing, to servicing, to equipment tracking in one complete package.

At Watermark Solutions, they offer a suite of the most dynamic and innovative enterprise software, business technology and deep, cross-industry expertise available in today’s marketplace. Combining almost four decades of experience with our Infor Gold Channel Partner status, Watermark Solutions offers clients the power and versatility of the 3rd largest ERP company, with customized support. Watermark Solutions’ next-generation products, solutions, and services are fit-for-purpose, industry-driven software solutions that are tailored to meet clients’ specific needs.

Because Watermark Solutions’ are designed for the manufacturing, distribution, and service sectors, they partner with clients to derive greater efficiency, enhanced user experiences and adoption rates, and seamless integration into customers’ existing environment.

Whether clients desired platform is based on Microsoft or the IBM iSeries, Watermark Solutions is able to accommodate their ERP deployment and planning needs, helping them leverage robust systems such as Infor SyteLine (now known as CloudSuite Industrial), the Infor XA software, and any add-on modules and options. Watermark Solutions’ enterprise software and services application is based entirely on the Microsoft platform. This solution is compatible with an organizations’ existing network environment and your existing Microsoft desktop applications such as Outlook, Excel and Word. This technology makes implementation simple, easy to learn, personalize, train and maintain.

Watermark offers industry-specific applications and software suites that are engineered for usability, accessibility, and speed. As experts in the deployment of business applications, each solution Watermark Solutions offer is tailored to customers’ needs in mind. Boasting rich user experiences, flexible deployment options, and application customizations, Watermark Solutions help organizations optimize their business technology on-premise, in the cloud, or leveraging both through hybridized platforms and solutions.

Finally, a package designed specifically to meet customers’ needs—they are no longer required to change their business practices to fit a software package.  Watermark Solutions’ complete application includes Customer Service and Order Management, Financial Management, Service/Repair, Shipping and Customer Equipment Tracking and Customer Service and Order Management – allow customer services personnel to have all the information available at their fingertips using Customer Service Workbenches, Extensive Q & A Tracking, Customer Projects, Estimates, Timelines, Correspondence and Document Tracking.

Watermark Solutions provides outstanding customer service—they partner with customers to move the business forward. Through extensive training and consulting, Watermark Solutions’ and services team is able to deliver rapid implementations, deployments, and integrations when and where customers’ need them. As a well-established solutions and services provider, Watermark Solutions is committed to helping customers quickly reach top performance and peak productivity, enabling their users to reliably access critical business applications whether in the office or out in the field.