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Mike Orr
Mike Orr, President – Digital Oil and Gas

TEAM International

Our ability to provide a turn-key solution for organizations to monitor oil and gas assets at the cost of only a few dollars a day—is what makes us unique.”

Oil and Gas companies have struggled with the ability to monitor low producing assets at a reasonable cost. Typical monitoring solutions in the space costs are in the thousands of dollars for just the hardware, and then there are additional expenses for the software and installation of the solutions. Florida based TEAM International has developed a turn-key solution that allows companies to monitor assets, regardless of the volume, at a cost-effective price of only a few dollars a day.

The founder and CEO of the division, Mike Orr, has spent more than two decades in the oil and gas arena. Early in his career, he spent time in the field, which allowed him to get a solid understanding of the entire lifecycle in the oil and gas. He was able to work himself into key IT leadership roles for large oil and gas companies, where he was able to leverage his field knowledge to innovate how IT was delivering services. Through this experience, he recognized the gap in the industry and how low producing assets were being underserved in the well monitoring space.

Since TEAM’s inception three decades ago, the company has prided itself on establishing and maintaining long-lasting relationships, spanning across different locations and industries.

By enabling clients to monitor oil and gas assets, regardless of volumes, its providing key benefits for the organizations, including reduced windshield time, improved safety, reduced G&A, reduced downtime by Identifying and fixing day-to-day problems faster, even in real-time through automation. TEAM also offers risk mitigation to help prevent catastrophic issues before they occur, reduced fraud services, monitoring performance based on treatment – paraffin, hot oil alongside offering timely billing services. TEAM’s solution also eliminates the need for a structured route, water/oil hauling automation based on tank volume will generate automatic Field Tickets to preferred haulers using RPA, predictive/preventive maintenance offering insights to turn unplanned maintenance into planned maintenance, artificial/plunger lift optimization, connected oil field with additional sensors, camera’s, bandwidth, Edge compute. “Our ability to provide a turn-key solution for organizations to monitor their oil and gas assets at the cost of only a few dollars a day—is what makes us unique,” says Mike. “Regardless of how much they produce, we can provide a solution that makes it cost-effective to monitor these assets.”

There are a few key factors that TEAM believes differentiate them from their competitors, including having the capability to embrace technology changes swiftly. Having the ability to build solutions that are open source and leverage standard protocols allows them to be extremely nimble with their solution and adapt quickly. “What we have put together didn’t exist a few years ago because the technology wasn’t there,” adds Mike. “But our most important pillar for success is recognizing where clients are at in their digital journey and meeting them there.” The pioneering leader says that many organizations try to sell companies technologies and solutions that they just don’t need. “Our goal is to understand where companies are and give them a solution that meets them there, then helping them grow,” says Mike. By the end of Q2, TEAM International will be able to offer its clients Drone services to go along with their asset monitoring service. “This will allow our clients to not only view the sensor readings and the volumes of the wells but visually inspect each asset,” elucidates Mike.