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Lance McAnelly
Lance McAnelly, Managing Partner

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“Many of our customers have worked with Capco for over 20 years. Quite remarkable for a 23-year-old company.”

Multiple different themes are driving change today in the energy industry amongst them tremendous pent-up demand following COVID, and recovery in energy prices following the commodity price collapse that occurred because of demand destruction. As consumer demand has effectively redoubled following the lifting of many conservative health restrictions, companies in oil & gas are faced with a need to shift into an investment mode once again. This, combined with various inflationary pressures, may create an environment of sustained commodity price growth not seen in the past 40 years. There is a continued push towards digitalization and automation in businesses including change in information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT), and a strong and increasing focus on ESG, Renewables, and Green. All these things are creating challenges and tremendously unique opportunities that Capco helps clients solve.

Through careful analysis, solution knowledge, delivery expertise, and their proprietary accelerators (e.g., CTRM & CIS Selection accelerators), Capco helps clients assess, select, and implement solutions that best meet their needs. Capco collaborates to manage and deploy the right resources and solutions across the entire spectrum of commodity and risk management operations.

According to Lance McAnelly, Managing Partner at Capco, “Our senior consulting practitioners average over 15 years of energy experience. That combined with significantly below-average turnover due to a strong, people-centric culture, results in Capco delivering teams to clients that have strong expertise, usually very long relationships, and proven delivery backgrounds.”

According to Lance, “Maslow’s hammer basically states that if all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. Capco understands, in practical application, that it is rare that two different customers’ problems are exactly the same, though certainly “themes” and “types” of problems do exist. Specific problems usually encompass people, processes, and technology, so looking at only one of those dimensions in isolation can often result in a failure to achieve the desired outcome with the investment made.”

Capco’s approach is to start initially, taking a view of the current challenges across those dimensions while outlining a path to the future, what Capco calls a Target Operating Model. Once those are understood, a clear path for achieving the future vision can be established and used as an execution plan. “So, while we see and understand the themes and types of problems our clients typically encounter, the manner in which Capco helps our customers achieve transformation is usually quite different from customer to customer,” he adds. “This approach results in strong delivery excellence, customer value creation, and long-standing trusted client relationships. Many of our customers have worked with Capco for over 20 years, continuously. Quite remarkable for a 23-year-old company!”

The company’s “SCADA Hawk” is an Operational Technology SCADA Platform agnostic alerting, alarming, and trending solution that works on multiple disparate mobile platforms. In today’s Cyber hardened OT world, Field Service Workers lost direct access to Operational Technology systems as part of cyberinfrastructure protection (CIP) implementation. “We have created a vendor-agnostic solution that abstracts information from one or more SCADA platforms and makes that information available to Field Service Workers in the field so that they can be alerted when certain system conditions are present and/or alarmed when emergencies are anticipated,” says Lance. “We have also built a mobile workforce solution that provides, via mobile device, asset inventory, health & safety, and maintenance record information to Utility Field Workers while they are in the field based on their specific geo coordinates.” The ability for a Field Worker to know what assets are proximate to them, when those assets were maintained, and what was done, and any applicable health and safety information is invaluable in a utility environment. “These two solutions were the result of strong collaboration with our clients and Capco’s deep industry expertise.”

Capco continues to grow rapidly in both the Energy and Financial Services industries, the only industries they serve. On the Energy side, Lance expects Capco’s growth and expansion to continue and even accelerate as consumer demand for energy products accelerates due to the recovery from the demand destruction resulting from 16 months of COVID shutdowns and our global energy markets recover from the related commodity price collapse. Additionally, Capco’s offerings and solutions for ESG and Renewables/Green energy will continue to drive growth and expansion opportunities both in N. America and globally.