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Vincent Dawkins
Vincent Dawkins, President & CEO

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Enertia is able to help customers scale quickly and provide consulting solutions for merging data, and even cultures as well.”

Traditionally the upstream oil and gas sector has often been a little bit behind regarding new developments for software and ERP solutions, but that has changed with the introduction of PE firms, encouraging efficiencies. Oil and gas technology resources have been robust in the field for sure, but many operators often lack in their financial area, particularly related to reporting capabilities. Enertia can help streamline and scale with our robust and fully integrated ERP system. This includes transforming and converting operators from Excel spreadsheets to some of the more legacy software programs; or even helping operators who are on ginormous solutions that are not specific to the needs of the upstream oil and gas industry.

Enertia has been around for over three decades delivering efficiency tools designed to streamline processing performance, reduce closing cycles, & automate complex business scenarios in our fully integrated accounting & financial reporting solutions. “We were around when prices were lower than a month on Netflix, so we know what it’s like to be in volatile markets. We’ve learned to utilize downturns as opportunities to reflect and focus on our customers’ needs to help ensure their efficiencies during unprecedented times,” says Vincent Dawkins, President & CEO of Enertia. “This is evident in situations when the industry is heavy with mergers and acquisitions. Enertia is able to help customers scale quickly and provide consulting solutions for merging data, and even cultures as well.”

Enertia offers a variety of resource tools and reporting tools that help streamline processing performance. A huge benefit is Enertia’s robust reporting engine: Enertia Insights. This vigorous reporting tool allows customers to report on data that helps them run their business quickly. Reporting capabilities allow for extensive drill-down capabilities, query, and analysis of data utilizing functionality that’s familiar to users within their organization. Their good production is a graphical representation for daily estimates and monthly volume allocations. Enertia’s powerful production allocation engine was designed for the industry’s needs for expedited production transactions for revenue processing and regular reporting. “Our user-friendly delivery system designer makes it simple to build systems for both daily estimates and monthly volume,” says Vincent. “Our allocation performance is best in class, versus competing products, with Enertia systems running and reporting in seconds, allowing for optimal scalability and flexibility.

Enertia services are second to none and best in class. With over 400 combined years of industry knowledge, their support solutions team not only understands the day-to-day activities of upstream oil and gas, but many have worked for exploration and production operators in the past relating to industry challenges and regulations. A prime example would be a premier independent energy company with operations in North America that recently experienced substantial growth through various acquisitions and mergers. Enertia was able to scale with this organization through / over 8 billion oil and gas property acquisitions within a very small window.

Enertia is constantly evolving to help better meet the needs of the customers. They recently dropped their 21 spring release, which incorporated various enhancements specifically to the land and accounts payable transaction entry applications. Many of the existing enhancements provided robust alternatives to former workflow transactions, now utilizing web applications; and re-designed to provide quicker data entry and seamless approval processes, all of which boost the productivity of AP clerks, approvers, and managers. The land app has been tailored for a streamlined user experience providing all the relevant lease information easy to use web interface. “Enertia provide integration with SSRS reports and ESRI maps through this application. Everything is run with a new powerful search engine allowing for ease of access across attributes and data,” says Vincent. “We’re now saving time or creating efficiencies we really want to take a hard look at the why.” Vincent and his team are excited to re-establish their annual user gathering this year, the user conference! “While Enertia has managed to provide superior customer support solutions through our virtual offerings, online training, and virtual implementations, it’s just going to be really nice to get to see our customers again! We can’t wait.”